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List of Online Learning Platforms for Distance Education during Covid 19 Crisis

Online Learning Platform for Distance Education

During the Covid 19 pandemic, the education aspects are changed as the rise and outgrow of e-learning or online learning platforms enables the students to persist their education during the pandemic by offering them educational resources and content through webspace. With the closure of the educational institution due to the threat of increasing Covid-19 infection rates, online learning platforms are regarded as the safest mode of education to maintain the distance and seek relevant educational materials at the same time.

Apart from this, online learning platforms for distance education also state their potential ability by generating more learning opportunities for adults, supporting the development of basic digital skills, enhancing the infrastructure of the digital platforms, and widening the online learning courses to enable the learner to develop work-based skills. Online learning platforms could also be stated as a reliable source of education for the students and thus, hereby some recommendations of some of the best e-learning platforms for distance education:


Unacademy Image

It is one of the best learning platforms in India which aims to provide the students with a better learning experience by the application of the latest technology to enhance the learning sessions along with the provision of multilingual education. The main vision of this online learning platform is to provide educational support in every topic possible and to work with the best instructors to ensure the professional quality of the education and training courses for the students.

  • Unique Selling Proposition: The unique selling proposition of Unacademy which makes it stand out in the competitive e-learning market is its provision of live classroom videos for the students by talented educators along with the availability of the live session as videos for offline purposes as well.

  • Specialized Field: Unacademy is well-known for its specialization in the field of competitive exams preparation by providing lectures in the form of videos and test series for the students to support their self-learning practice accompanying with the speculation of their overall progress.


Eduncle Image

This e-learning platform also has its base situated in India but it provides it online learning services at a multinational educational level and it is also known as one of the most trusted online learning platforms which provide innovative learning methods with the cooperation of enthusiastic educators. Eduncle aims to develop itself as one of the biggest e-learning apps for learners all over the world and the organization is also dedicated to offering high-tech technologies and better-quality content to efficiently mentor the learner at every learning step.

  • Unique Selling Proposition: Eduncle can develop itself successfully in the competitive e-learning market with the help of its unique selling proposition which is the provision of an online Eduncle application that helps the students to seek information and solve their doubts on a nationwide platform by connecting with students and teacher of the international education community.

  • Specialized Field: This online learning platform is specialized in the field of IIT JAM, UGC NET, and CSIR NET as it provides clear learning materials for the students with the assurance of their high-quality concept by the best educators.


Udemy Image

Udemy is famous for offering a wide range of courses at an online platform supporting distance learning for all-age learners. This online learning platform also encourages self-study by providing relevant study materials along with videos to enable the learners to understand the learning concept competently. Apart from this, Udemy also offers online learning materials such as PowerPoint text, video context, and PDF documents for the learners which are easily accessible.

  • Unique Selling Proposition: Its unique selling proposition is generally related to its value concept of customization, accessibility, convenience, brand, price, and cost reduction which enable the organization to attract the learners towards its offered courses.

  • Specialized Field: Udemy is specialized in fields of IT, marketing, and web development as it offers easy access to training courses accompanied with the regular update of the learner’s overall progress.


LinkedIn Learning Image

LinkedIn Learning is a massive online learning platform that generally offers professional courses for the learners to prepare themselves for business by learning from industry experts in both creative and technological fields. This e-learning platform provides more than 16,000 courses that are taught by experts who have adequate business experience along with the provision of a learning library for the learners to seek relevant professional development information.

  • Unique Selling Proposition: LinkedIn Learning applies instructor-led training for the learners to get the facility of one-to-one coaching from experienced business experts and this aspect is also known as the unique selling proposition of the organization.

  • Specialized Field: LinkedIn Learning is highly recognized as an e-learning platform because it specializes in the field of B2B as the organization provides personalized business learning materials for learners along with service to assess one's progress by taking the quiz.


Study IQ Image

Study IQ is also an India-based educational platform that has to succeed to provide its learning service at a multinational educational level for distance learning. The main of this e-learning platform is to offer high-quality learning content for the learners with the application of the latest technology to efficiently build the connection between the instructors and students through sessions. Apart from this, Study IQ also supports the students to access high-quality educational tools accompanying with a wide learning activity.

  • Unique Selling Proposition: The unique selling proposition of Study IQ is its deliverance of e-learning solutions for the learners and the new feature of the Study IQ application which provides live sessions by educators that succeed to attract a large number of students across the globe.

  • Specialized Fields: Study IQ is also well-known for its specialization in the field of competitive exam preparation along with research internship opportunities.


Covid-19 has brought a sudden change in the education method as during the global pandemic, staying at home is the priority and thus, online learning platforms enables the learners to stay safe at their home and continue their learning process through access to appropriate learning materials at online platform.

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