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PM Gati Shakti Yojana: A Plan for Multi-Modal Connectivity

What is PM Gati Shakti Yojana?

PM Gati Shakti Yojana is a project initiated by the Central Government of India to enhance and revolutionize the infrastructure all around India. Prime Minister Narendra Modi brought this project in limelight on the 75th Independence Day with a budget of Rs 100 lakh crore which would help to cut any kind of delays in the development of holistic infrastructure that would enhance the competitive role of India in the international market.

The major objective of this scheme is to attract investment from all around the world that would help in improving the overall infrastructure of the country and enhance the competitiveness of the products manufactured within the country. This scheme plays a vital role in supporting coordination among different states, ministers, and government departments to simplify the planning process and cut down the overall cost of implementation.

Challenges faced by PM Gati Shakti

  1. Lack of Communication & Coordination: Historically, India faces a huge loss while building and managing infrastructure due to poor coordination and communication among different departments. Thus, to overcome this challenge and to cut off wasteful expenditure the central government put forward this Gati Shakti scheme that enhances the coordination among people from different departments.

  2. Lack of Planning: The second challenge that pulls back the development of the infrastructure is the lack of proper planning which leads to the time-consuming approval process, lack of workers, improper regulatory clearance, and many more. To address this challenge, the scheme put together the step of a holistic outlook that analyzes past issues and further presents institutionalizing planning and design that execute a common vision for enforcing major infrastructure projects.

  3. Lack of Information Flow: Most of the infrastructure projects get struck or face failure to meet satisfactory results due to a lack of information flow from one department to another. To avoid this issue in the future, the scheme prepared a centralized portal that helps to unite the overall information from departments including railways, petroleum, gas, telecom, roads, etc. This scheme aims for centralized transportation to support a smooth information flow along with a better project clearance process.

Pillars of PM Gati Shakti:

For better functioning and to achieve the goals, the PM Gati Shakti scheme is based on six major pillars which keep the overall process in check while considering ethical principles. The six pillars of the PM Gati Shakti scheme are:

  1. Prioritization: This concept enables all the government departments to prioritize their projects in hand to avoid delay and complexity in working with the major future projects. Through this concept, the department which needs to lead the projects first will be given the foremost prioritization.

  2. Comprehensiveness: It will help the people of each department to get a view of the projects and activities handled by other departments through one centralized portal. This pillar plays an important role in providing data and essential information related to infrastructure in a comprehensive way.

  3. Synchronization: To avoid issues related to lack of coordination in the planning process, the scheme takes into consideration the concept of synchronization that helps in synchronizing the projects, information, and activities of each department with a holistic outlook to enhance coordination among departments and better work performance.

  4. Optimization: For the smooth working of PM Gati Shakti Yojana, different ministries from various departments will assist in planning and identifying the critical issues and gaps within the projects. This step will select the best optimum route that keeps in check both time and cost consumption while handling major projects.

  5. Analytical: The other pillar is analytical which enables the entire government department to get access to important data in one single place for enhancing the planning process along with visibility of information to the executing staff to meet future goals.

  6. Dynamic: And, lastly comes the dynamic pillar which enables the departments and ministries to take an overview of the project, visualize the overall plan, and further monitor the progress.

The vision of PM Gati Shakti:

The main visions of PM Gati Shakti yojana are stated below:

  • Ease access to electricity with an increased transmission network.

  • Enhancement of railways transports cargo capacity.

  • Development of new heliports, airports, and water aerodromes.

  • Increase in the capacity of roadways with the development of highways.

  • Completion of gap pipelines within the country

  • Internet connectivity for the villages

  • Development of industrial and defence corridors.


PM Gati Shakti Yojana is one of the right initiatives taken by the central government as it underpinned a stable regulatory framework to uplift the economy of the country with better infrastructure. Though, the fact that it needs to keep the concerns related to high public expenditure stable and under control should not be ignored as it might lead to the buildup of complex issues in the future. Thus, for the rejuvenation of the latest technology and innovation, PM Gati Shakti Yojana must maintain the link between production and demand.


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