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5 Tips to Plan the Social Media Content Calendar for Your Business

Social media calendar is a simple spreadsheet calendar that gives an outlook of advanced social media events and also helps the business organization to schedule their social posts and updates in advance. The calendar is generally created and organized through excel spreadsheets, or Google Sheets, or through using social media management tools as it helps to visualize future planned social events which could further be shared with the team.

A social media content calendar plays a vital role in organizing one's business plan on social media platforms as it enables the business organization to schedule their content aspects such as the topic of the content, time, and platform to achieve business goals. Other than this, the other social media content calendar also supports the following concepts:

  • Work smarter and not harder as it reduces the chances of miscommunication among the team members and enhances the working efficiency.

  • Free up more time from the business week schedule as it reduces the work related to social media which is already planned within the calendar.

  • Enables tracking the content one is publishing across multiple social media platforms which minimizes the cohesiveness of the content.

  • Encourages efficient team collaboration as the calendar provides a single destination for everyone within the organization to access information related to the content and further leave their ideas and opinions.

Tips to Plan the Social Media Content Calendar:

The foremost and most important tip to plan a social media content calendar is to pinpoint the categories of the social content as it further defines the post types that the business organizations would like to share on various social media platforms regularly to represent both narrow and broad type of contents. Moreover, analyzing the social content categories also plays an important role in developing the business connection between the organization and the audience as the categories of a social content post could include blog posts, events announcements, product promotions, and conversation starters. Along with this aspect, analytics related to the social network is also essential as it enables to check the different social media platforms to target the most active audience and it also helps the business organization to efficiently follow-up social strategy with accurate information as it develops a clear identity of the content.

Another important tip to plan the social media content calendar is to assess and manage the social channels by developing demographics and business marketing strategies for each social media channel as it would enable the business organization to review the overall compatibility of the marketing strategy. Apart from this, the posting schedule of the society also needs to be organized and managed properly by auditing the trends and competitors’ threats. Efficient management of social posts leads to the success of short-term business goals and hereby are some suggestions as to how often one should post to each social media channel:

  • Instagram: 2-3 times per day.

  • Facebook pages: 2-3 times per day.

  • Twitter: 5-10 times per day.

  • LinkedIn: 2-3 times per week.

  • Pinterest: 4-20 times per day.

Frequently posting on social media channels enables the business organization to form a connection with the audience.

Along with the management of regular posts, the business organization should also analyze and plan for the special events of the year in advance as it helps the organization to develop the vibe of excitement among the audience and to stay tuned with the latest trends. Customize the social media content calendar template with the help of the social media content library to store key social post content related to special events as it could be easily shared with the team members along with the assurance of privacy. While the other aspect is tracking the calendar on regular basis to maintain the marketing strategy of the business organization and to analyze the potential of each social post. The basic details of the calendar such as channels, time, visuals, links of the published posts, and results of the analytics report.

Social media teams of the business organization play the role of the pillars of the social media marketing strategies as they develop the overall content source and workflow, further supporting efficient business collaboration and success of the business goals at the social platform. The social media team generally includes the content writers, graphic designers, and videographers who develop the overall workflow of the social media process of the business organization and by sharing the social media content calendar, the social media gets access to the social events, accounts, and tools.

The last but not the least important tip of a social media content calendar is to start publishing the content on the various social media platforms as scheduled on the calendar as it is the most crucial part of the social media plan. While publishing the content or posts on social media channels, the business organizations are also required to confirm the overall aspect of the content as to where and when it is needed to be published to ensure that the calendar schedule is properly followed up. Moreover, updating the social media content calendar is also important as enhances the profile growth of the business organization on various social media platforms and develops active engagement with the audience. The social media content calendar could be updated by analyzing the dashboard of the social posts and further adding up the ideas and opinions of the social media teams.


A social media content calendar helps the business organization to efficiently plan and manage their social content and engagement with the audience by appropriately coordinating with the content and campaigns which further assures the success of the social media marketing strategies.


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