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Android 13: The Review & Update You Need To Know!

What is Android 13?

Android 13, known to be the thirteenth release that amplifies the function and operating system of android mobile is developed by Google and was released on the public platform on 15th August 2022. Though most of the context related to the aesthetics of Android 13 remains similar to the previous release there are a lot of new aspects which cannot be overlooked such as revamped search experience on the home screen.

With the release of Android 13, Google aims to bring forward the vision of simplifying the accessibility of Android by offering an easy update process and tailored outlook that meets your needs and presents your tastes. However, there is a more astonishing feature brought by the Android 13, and for a depth look, here is everything you should know.

Best Features of Android 13

Android 13 brings users a whole new experience by making android mobile phones and tablets unique in terms of users with the latest capabilities. The features which make the Android 13 stand out from others are stated below:

  1. Improved Protection and Security Control Function: Keeping in mind the user's concern towards the accessibility and security of their data, Google updated the Android 13 with a better and improved version of protection and security features. Firstly, this update would enable you to select the particular photos and videos which need direct access from you without the option of sharing the whole media library with the running apps. Secondly, it offers protection from unwanted access to one's clipboards by automatically clearing the history of the clipboard after a specific period. And thirdly, it enables you to control the notification from different apps which would require your permission.

  2. Cool Personalization: Android 13 comes with an impressive personalization feature that enables you to customize the look and style of the apps as bet your preference and style. Moreover, this feature updates the working and look of the media player which gets tailored as per the music or video you are listening to or watching for a better experience. And, for the well-being of the users, the Android 13 provide the feature of bedtime mode that dims the wallpaper along with a dark theme to keep your eyes protected when you are about to sleep.

  3. Better Working of devices: To make your working experience smooth and easy, the Android 13 comes with a spatial audio feature that provides a great listening experience on both Android phones and tablets. It offers Bluetooth Low Energy Audio that enhances audio quality and broadcasts audio to various devices in the meantime. Moreover, Android 13 also features such as HDR video support on third-party camera apps, an updated taskbar on tablets, and copy content for pictures, text, URLs, or video from phone to tablet or vice versa.

Major Pros & Cons of Android 13

Android 13 is an update that consists of both advantageous and disadvantageous features that might satisfy certain needs of the users but at the same time makes them feel disappointed. For a better understanding, you can have a look at the brief introduction of both the pros and cons of Android 13.


  • Offer useful language accessibility especially beneficial for multilingual with per-app language settings.

  • Fascinating multitasking tools and expansion of working features without disrupting control systems.

  • Cool Material You feature better colour options.

  • Better security with a permission feature for any kind of changes.

  • More focus on privacy, stability, and security.


  • Smallest update for android in comparison to other versions that have been launched in a while.

  • The search engine of the Pixel Launcher comes with confusing accessibility.

  • Regressions of the working of split-screen in the phones.

  • Support for per-app language settings is not available for many apps.

  • The media audio switcher doesn't meet the requirement of the users as it does not support cast.

How Android 13 is different from Android 12?

Android 13 update is not much different from the last year's Android as it does not provide major changes and features but it brings forward various new minor characteristics and changes that simplify the working of android phones and tablets. The features that make Android 13 different from Android 12 are stated below:

  • Apps would no longer be able to send notifications as they would need to ask specific permission from you.

  • Provide a bigger and better navigation bar.

  • Easy control of smart home devices without the need of unlocking the phone.

  • Enhancement of Material You feature which is a must-needed upgrade.


From the outlook and paper view, the Android 13 might not appear as a massive change and upgrade that has been launched by Google but the insight view presents the signification of the various minor changes and features on the working and experience of the users. In comparison to the last year's update of Android 12, this update brings a whole new and unique experience for the users that simplify a lot of complex task of android working. Let us also know your thoughts and view on the features provided by the Android 13 in the comment section below.


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