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Recognise the Best Fashion Based Start-Ups in India

Fashion follows a continuous change that goes with the flow of the latest trend and people tend to go along with the changing nature of fashion to get a stylish and eccentric outlook for every occasion. The fashion industry witnesses rapid change to prevail a remarkable style statement and to define an individual attitude and personality. Even, the fashion industry of India is in its growing stage by evolving the traditional designs with modern twists and touches. The ever-growing share of the Indian fashion industry both in the domestic and international market gives a major break to the fashion startups. Also, the concept of "Make in India" plays a vital role in encouraging the success of fashion startup brands in India as it brought a revolution among the Indian shopper to immaculate the aesthetics of traditional and western apparel designed by Indian-based brands.

Other than that, most startup fashion brands in India got their opportunity through the e-commerce marketing concept which changed the overall dynamics of shopping in India. Most of the startup's fashion brands choose to enhance their brand through an online clothing store concept that provides a three-dimensional experience to the customers while being true to their product quality. We are listing some of the best startup fashion brands in India which offer the best fashionable apparel and other accessories.


For celeb-inspired and global trendy apparel and other accessories you can shop from Faballey which is an online clothing store started in the year 2012 by two entrepreneurs, Tanvi Malik and Shivani Poddar. Though the brand startup was initiated six years ago, at the present day this brand is recognized as the largest Indian online-led fashion brand. This brand started its journey with the principle of diversity, creativity, and women empowerment to meet the fashionable demand of the young generation. The products of Faballey generally cover a western wear range that is inspired by the latest trend which includes game-changing tops, glitziest party dresses, and also statement accessories.


To redefine your fashion moment you can undoubtedly rely on Berrylush which is an Indian startup fashion brand launched in the year 2018 by Anusha Chandrashekar and Alok Paul. This brand started to bring the best of western fashion to women in India at an affordable price. This brand follows the D2C retail strategy model to manage the market position and satisfy the expectation of the people regarding product quality. Berrylush seeks to provide the best online shopping experience by offering the finest quality products with inspiring style and an eccentric vibe. This brand also employs the local community and especially favours the female workforce to present the Indian authenticity of the brand.


Another fashion startup brand in India is Vajor which was started in 2014 to offer gender-neutral fashionable products. This brand follows the concept of nurturing an ecosystem with mindful activities and enabling the customers to stay well-versed with the latest trend with their products. Vajor offers a wide range of products including clothing for women and men, shoes, home décor, and accessories. This brand aims to take over both the fashion and lifestyle industry with its innovative and creative product lines. That's not all, the products of this brand are available both online and offline along with product diversification, the brand is also expanding its footprint on the offline platform by opening several stores in major cities of the country.


Get the best of sportswear products from Alcis Sports which is a private label brand established in the year 2015. The startup aim of this brand was to offer the finest quality active and fitness wear for both men and women. With continuous evolution and creative changes, the brand now offers products that claim features such as bio-washable, anti-static, anti-microbial, and recyclable. This brand offers diverse products including tracksuits, tops, pants, jackets, leggings, t-shirts, singlets, Capri, and shorts that are suitable and comfortable while engaging in gaming activities. The products of Alcis sports are available on its official online website and also on other retailing platforms like Myntra, Jabong, and many more.


One of the leading women’s workwear brands in India is FableStreet which was founded in 2015. This brand aims to provide the best workwear clothing for women that are timeless and contemporary. One of the major aspects which are extremely taken care of by the brand is the right fit as it provides FS fit technology algorithm to offer garments that are well-fit. Also, in the matter of comfort, the brand always ensures that the garments are prepared with functional designs that don't compromise comfort and styling elements.


Start-ups in India are continuously been supported not only by the government of India but also by the people and investors from all over the world. Fashion startup brands of India are generally considered as the booming sector of the country which significantly contributes to the enhancement of the economy. This fashion industry of India is seeking rapid growth due to customer demands and the latest trend which gave an excellent opportunity to the startups brand to expand their footprints. Thus, the above list highlights the start-up fashion brands of India which are working their best to build their unique brand value in the fashion industry.


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