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India's Leading Extravaganza Fashion Brands

The fashion game of India is well-famous in the global fashion industry as India contributes to exporting a large number of fabrics as well as accessories all over the world. The traditional and ethnic designs of India are also considered a significant essence for inspiration for the global fashion house. Indian folk embroidery, a wide range of fabrics, ethnic Indian designs, and garment embellishment have played a vital role in enabling the fashion brands to enhance their influence and impact on the international market. Many famous Indian-based fashion brands have succeeded to make their way in the international market with their unique features, trendy fashion, and affordable prices. Though, the typical Indian preference always tilts towards foreign brands over the domestic brands but with the concept of “Make in India”, various changes are being procced within the fashion industry.

Today, we will be discussing the famous Indian-based fashion brands in different product categories which offer the best of fashion following the consumer preference and latest trends.


The people of India are becoming more health-conscious after the pandemic which has increased the sportswear market in India on both domestic and international platforms. The Indian-based sportswear industry also keeps up with the latest trend and offers to stylize products that meet the expectations of the athletes. Before selecting your new sportswear, you can consider the following Indian sportswear brand which brings the trendiest and most comfortable sports products:

In the year 2013, the famous Bollywood celebrity Hrithik Roshan started his brand with the name HRX which brings a wide range of sportswear and casual collection to the people. HRX is an Indian fitness brand that aims to motivate people to stay fit and healthy by indulging themselves in healthy activities. This brand offers various sportswear products such as sports shoes, track pants, jackets, tights, shorts, bags, three-fourths, and many more items which would encourage the people to get the best version of themselves by staying fit. The products of HRX are available in stores as well as on online platforms such as,,, and many more.

The leading Indian Sportswear brand is none other than Shiv Naresh which is a Delhi-based company. This brand aims to give shape to the future of the Indian athletes and it is also a well-famous sportswear brand among the local athletes of India. This brain follows the concept of classic, cultured, and expertly curated to drive the sports passion among people. Also, Shiv Naresh is a brand that understands the complexity of the Indian market as compared to international brands, and to meet the demands of people towards sports style, the brand keeps itself rooted with sports and the leading sports trend. The products of this brand could also be found on e-commerce platforms such as,, and Shivnareshsports. in, and Jabong. com.

Another Indian-based sportswear brand is Nivia which has been serving as the face of several Indian sports, especially football. This brand is famous for its high-quality products and cost-effective feature which produces sportswear in various domains. The range of Nivia products includes shorts, tracksuits, lowers, shocks, windcheaters, and kits or bags. The products of this brand could also be purchased from online websites such as,,,, and


With the changing fashion trend, the demand for style within footwear has also increased as they play an important role in determining the overall appearance of a person. For the past few years, the footwear fashion industry of India has witnessed tremendous growth both in the domestic and international markets. For a stylish and comfortable pair of footwear, we brought a list of the top three footwear brands in India:

The leading manufacturer of footwear in India is Bata which is also well-known for its largest retail market in India with about 1400 stores network. This brand offers a superior experience of shopping by introducing classic pairs of footwear with better quality and comfort. Following design, style, comfort, and volume Bata is also stated as the world's leading shoemaker which offers footwear at an affordable price. This brand is committed to quality, comfort, affordability, and design that attracts people towards them. The footwears of Bata are also available on online websites such as,,, and

For a comprehensive collection of stylish, comfortable, colourful, and durable footwear, you can always rely on Relaxo which is the second most popular footwear brand in India. The quality, comfort, and fashionable combination of the footwear offered by Relaxo meet the demand of men, women, and kids. This brand also introduced its sub-brands in the market such as Relaxo Hawaii, Bahamas, Flite, and Schoolmate.

Third on the list is Paragon which is the best footwear brand in India that offers rubber footwear with exceptional quality and durability. This brand was established in the year 1975 in Kerala and paved its way all over India with its unique footwear designs and high quality. Footwear ranges such as ladies’ sandals, flip-flops, slippers, and shoes for men, women, and kids are being supplied by Paragon at an affordable price.


Today, people have become more fashion-conscious and spend a large part of their income on buying branded clothes as brands play a vital role in defining the socio-economic position of a person. Moreover, everyone prefers a fashionable look without compromising their comfort level, so people prefer to purchase clothes from famous brands which sustain trendy fashionable options along with high fibre quality. Many Indian-based apparel fashion brands have takeover the domestic and international market by offering the finest quality clothes with stylish designs. We brought for you a list of the top three Indian-based apparel brands which well-known for their remarkable style statement.

In the year 1975, FabIndia was founded which paved its way in the domestic and international market with its wide range of clothes and specialization under diverse traditional crafts that depict the essence of India's historical tradition. This brand offers ethnic and casual wear for men, women, and kids which is made from natural materials, fabrics that are exported from different parts of India, and unique designs that are well-versed with the latest trend. FabIndia exports its good to about 40 countries across five continents and the most astonishing fact is that most of the clothes are hand woven and printed which depicts the customary techniques and craftmanship of people, especially those belonging to the rural areas. This brand also provides a base for the rural employees to enhance their craft skills, maintain their source of income and also stabilize the traditional handicraft of India within the fashion industry.

The largest clothing and fabric brand in India is Raymond which not dominates the domestic textile industry of India but is also the largest exporter of worsted and suiting fabric in the international market. This brand exports the goods to about 55 countries all over the world that also including Japan, Europe, Canada, Us, and the Middle East. Since 1925, Raymond holds the title of undisputed leader of the textile industry of India, and the key to its successful journey is its continuous pursuit of evolution and trend to meet the demands of customers all over the world. That's not all, this brand also runs various sub-brands such as Color Plus, Parx, Park Avenue, Raymond Fine Fabric, and many more which offer a fine range of clothes like types of denim, shirting, suiting, and also custom designing.

Another, Indian-based apparel fashion brand is Flying Machine which was established in the year 1980 but got its recognition in 2003 for its high-quality and fashionable streetwear clothing. This brand is also famous for its comfortable clothes, especially jeans which offer both an eccentric fashionable look with enhancing the comfort level. Also, this brand offers other apparel products such as jackets, sweaters, shirts, trousers, sweatshirts, polo shirts, turtlenecks, t-shirts, and many other items that never fail to complement one's fashionable outlook. Flying Machine tends to follow the latest trend while staying true to its quality and services for customers.


Our skin needs extra pamper than any other organs of our body while it is also a fact that makeup and skincare come under the necessity section on a global platform for both men and women. To meet up the expectation of the consumer, Indian cosmetic brands have been improving their overall quality and their products also line up in the international market because of their unique formulas and constant updates on their qualities. Here's a list of top Indian cosmetic brands which offer a wide range of popular skincare and makeup products:

One of the best cosmetic brands in India is Colorbar which was founded by Samri Modi in the year 2004. This brand introduces the best range of skincare and makeup products that are certified by PETA and are also well-known for their cruelty-free feature. All the products of these brands are of good quality and could be purchased at an affordable price for both men and women. It is one of the fastest-growing brands in India and has a strong geographical footprint all over the world. There is a comprehensive range of hair care, personal care, skincare, and beauty products available at Colorbar.

Lotus Herbals is also a popular Indian brand that introduces the best range of cosmetics related to makeup, hair care, and skincare. This brand was founded in 1993 by stating the benefits of herbs and Ayurveda within its products. This brand believes in developing cosmetics by integrating the ancient practice of Ayurveda with the twist of modern innovation to enhance the beauty concept. This brand operates its cosmetic products in about 700 cities in India and 16 other countries which makes it a leading cosmetic brand in India and an emerging brand in the international market.

The brand Biotique is an Indian-based cosmetic brand that introduced organic-oriented cosmetics within the Indian market. This brand offers a wide range of products related to body care, hair care, skincare, and baby care at an affordable price. All the products of this brand are made through the traditional and herbal process without the use of any kind of preservatives. The cosmetics of this brand are eco-friendly and also consist of cruelty-free features. Biotique has succeeded in developing a huge customer base not only in India but also in the international market by assembling the benefits of organic and natural ingredients for oneself and the environment.


Accessories always play an important role when it's about levelling up your overall look as they add a tint of perfection. The market for fashion accessories has witnessed a manifold growth in the past few years as the demand for the accessories spikes up with the latest fashion trend. Thus, we bring for you a list of the top three fashion accessories of India which are famous for their unique products.

For fashion accessory lovers, Pipa Bella is the best option which is an Indian-based accessory brand that offers a collection of amusing fashion jewellery on the online platform. This brand offers the feature of personalization which enables you to design your accessories and also provide a wide variety of design.

The brand Silver Streak gain its recognition soon after when Sonam Kapoor Ahuja styled up her look in green Masabi with their accessories. This brand is well-known for its oxidized silver jewellery which is picked up by various other Bollywood celebrities such as Kriti Sanon and Deepika Padukone. Those who follow Bollywood-inspired fashion could easily get their hand on the latest fashion accessory through Silver Streak.

Voylla is one of India's largest fashion accessory brands that offer an astonishing category of jewellery such as necklaces, earrings, bangles, rings, etc. This brand put forward unique and ethnic designs that would add a traditional touch to your look. This brand is famous for reflecting the image of historical and traditional essence within their jewellery and the products of this brand are available in stores as well as on online platforms.


Along with the globalization concept of India, the fashion brands of India are also expanding their growth in the international market. The Indian-based fashion brands are more aware of the fashionable trend than ever and are now tending to expand the export of their products by targeting customers both in the domestic and international markets. Innovation and creativity are the main concepts followed by the Indian fashion brands and thus to help you get a better insight into the leading fashion brands of India we brought you this article. We hope this article is helpful to you and for more information, you can go through our other articles.


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