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Stay Fashionable With The Instagram Top Indian Fashion Critics/Vloggers

Fashion is not about expensive brands and style but about creativity and innovation which put forward a bold and classy aura. People usually don't get time to get creative with their wardrobe and stay up-to-date with the latest trend, so to keep those people's fashion life simple fashion vloggers and critics play a vital role. Fashion vloggers present fashion and the latest trend to the viewers in an easy way which directly influences a person's fashion choice and sense. Thanks to Instagram and the Indian fashion vloggers, we can enhance our style and wardrobe while maintaining our budget even when our schedule is hectic.

The Indian fashion vloggers create reels, articles, and event-based looks that are related to the latest fashion trend which makes it very easy for us to know about various famous and local brands. Today, we will be talking about the top Indian fashion vloggers/critics who made their way within the fashion industry through Instagram along with their unique content.


No one can transform classic Indian fashion like Komal Pandey who put together a fascinating combination of traditional Indian style and western fashion. Komal Pandey is popular for creative style tips and tricks that are presented through her YouTube vlogs and Instagram feeds. She brought the concept of styling one outfit in 10 different ways which enable one to frame an edgy outlook without overcrowding one's capsule wardrobe. With followers of 1.6 million on Instagram, Komal Pandey also supports many local Indian brands such as Fizzy Goblet, Roze by Saya, Itrh, Koai, and many more. She loves to experiment with retro style with a modern twist and touch which also brought 80s style back to the Indian fashion industry.


One of the oldest Indian fashion vloggers is Masoom Minawala Mehta who is well-known for her unique and vibrant style which elegantly deals with the trendiest fashion wave. She also remarked on her fashionable existence on the Cannes Film Festival red carpet with her beautiful and astonishing outlook. Also, Minawala strongly promotes Indian designers and brands through her fashion videos. She has about 1.1 million followers on Instagram and around 52,000 subscribers on YouTube. She is a lover of Indian handlooms and handicrafts, so to promote Indian fashion brands she also showcases the work of Indian designers such as Chisel by MR, Kavya Potluri, and many more.


The menswear style is given an offbeat turn by Sidharth Batra who is an Instagram fashion blogger and also a style editor at MensXP. He is well-known as an Instagram Grooming Star and Social media influencer who gained huge popularity because of his unique and eccentric fashion style. He has about 240K followers on Instagram who regularly updates the styling image of Indian men while supporting guy beauty concepts in the Indian fashion industry. He also promotes local Indian fashion brands such as Kalakaari by Sagarika Singhvi, Rimzim Dadu, Siddhant Agrawal label, and many more.


The Delhi-based fashion influencer Kritika Khurana is also known as That Boho Girl on Instagram and is famous for nailing the Indie-fusion look. She presents an aspirational yet approachable style to support practical fashion concepts through her videos on YouTube and feeds on Instagram. Followers love her way to style an old and plain outfit with some fun and fashion flattering twist. On Instagram, she has about 1.7 million followers and she supports Indian fashion brands such as Lea Clothing Co, Drzya Ridhisuri, Ajiolife, and many more. Her fashion-related videos always reflect a style that can easily be achieved and most of her style statement depicts the tint of classic Indian touch. She also prefers Indian-style accessories such as embroidered bags, antique silver jewellery, and Indian-style slippers.


Indian Men’s fashion became more fun and interesting through Karron S Dhingra, a famous men's fashion influencer, Youtuber, and also Instagram star. He has sustained popularity on Instagram and other social media platforms by providing fashion tips, tricks, and hacks, especially for Indian men. He is also known as @theformaledit on Instagram where he has 627K followers and he supports Indian brands and designers such as Mayank Chawla Menswear, Line Out Line, Kunal Anil Tanna, etc.


Fashion vloggers and critics straightforwardly pave way for the people to get access to the latest trend and fashion industry by explaining the trend, giving styling tips, and defining various brands and their products. Thus, the above list gives a brief introduction to the top Indian fashion vloggers who not only redefine the Indian fashion concept but enable us to meet emerging Indian fashion brands and designers. We hope this article was interesting and helpful to you and for more related blogs, stay tuned with us.


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