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Top Indian Fashion Brands That Are Ruling Instagram

The Indian fashion industry is evolving at a rapid rate with the vision to depict the traditional essence with the inclusion of embroidery, vibrant and colourful garments, the use of old techniques for print and pattern, and elegant handwork. The craftsmanship and handwork embroideries serve as the heritage of luxury India which is not only appreciated within the country but by people from across the globe. The young designers of India are taking the fashion game to a whole new level with the amalgam of Indian ancient art with the latest international trends which brings out a beautiful combination and aesthetics of traditional and contemporary styles. Many fashion brands in India are ruling over the fashion industry through the use of social platforms, especially Instagram.

Social platforms have become a basic and necessary part of our daily life and so, the youth are determined to effectively use the platform for economic purposes. Emerging fashion designers and influencers of India have brought a wave of evolution to the Indian fashion industry through connecting with people on the social platform and presenting their fashion brand's unique features. Here, we brought you the top five Indian fashion brands that are well-known for their amusing style and quality.


The fashion brand NorBlack NorWhite is popular for its streetwear collection which reflects the astonishing combination of modern silhouettes and design with traditional Indian handicrafts. This brand was founded by Mriga Kapadiya and Amrit Kumar with the vision to give a new life to the Indian classic style and handicrafts with a modern touch to meet the demand of the people of modernizing world. The brand offers a wide range of collections including t-shirts, worker jackets, track-sets, and many more which are designed with prints, Bandhni tie, and dye work and a bit large-fit. This brand had also collaborated with Major Lazer to style the duo for the music video 'Lean On. The products of this brand are available on its official site and is also a fact that this brand follows the concept of minimal waste by proceeding with all the product work only when orders are placed.


For the women who look for timeless and aesthetic design wester wear the perfect destination is Urban Suburban, a brand founded in 2017 by three sisters. The vision of this brand is to minimize the gap for better national and international clothing styles by amalgaming the classic Indian style with modern context fashion. The other aim of this brand is to provide a wide variety of western clothes that are stylish yet comfortable to wear, especially for holidays. The brand offer products such as power suits, dresses, pants, tops, playsuits, co-ordinate sets, etc which are of the finest quality, trendiest design, and budget-friendly. That's, not all the products of this brand could be checked out on its Instagram page known as @in.urbansuburban and also on its official website.


If you are a lover of vintage and exquisite clothes, then Retrodays is the fashion brand you must follow on Instagram. This brand is well-known for its amazing collection of thrifted fashion and street style. This brand was started in the year 2015 to build a convenient shopping platform for people who loves to bring retro style back into the trend with a modern twist. The brand offers a wide range of women's clothing that follows the latest street and vintage style that would get you an iconic fashion appeal.


Get the best of fashion from the brand Dhruv Kapoor which is knowns as an eponymous label launched in 2014 to support empowerment and feminism through the fashion industry and its creative style. The vision of this brand is to design clothes that depict boldness, individualistic sense, and creativity which would further redefine the wearer's aura and personality. The brand by founded by Dhruv Kapoor who has vast knowledge about fashion and has also gained experience in the field of fashion in Milan. The handcrafted embroidered clothes are the most demanded products of this brand from all around the world.


The essence of Indian ancient style and fabric is finely represented by the Instagram fashion brand Koai which was founded by Anugrah Chandra. This brand brings back the old Indian technique of Dabu print with a modern touch. The brand offers a vibrant collection of clothes such as co-ord sets, dresses, blouses, bustiers, and tailored jackets which are accompanied by amazing prints and patterns like geometric and botanical. The clothing style of this brand is easily available on its Instagram site known as @koaiofficial which would also give you inspiration for the latest fashion.


India's fashion industry is expanding rapidly and it's time to change our shopping habits more mindfully by supporting local fashion brands instead of international brands. By supporting the small business on social platforms, especially on Instagram we could revoke the concept of uplifting local products. The above list would help you explore the latest Indian fashion brands that are operated on Instagram. We hope this article was of help to you and for more fashion-related information you could also check out our other articles.


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