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8 Instagram Influencers To Follow In 2022

Updated: May 2, 2022

With a wave of Instagram influencers flooding the Indian digital landscape, the youth of today tends to follow their favourite personality like a guru. The pandemic has only fuelled this wave and we are not complaining. The wholesome communities formed by these up-and-coming influencers are on a mission to educate, preach and grow together. What could be a bigger boon of digital media than this! Be it selecting an outfit for a special occasion, planning a vacation itinerary, or learning about career prospects from a peer perspective, we all know which Instagram page to crash at and scroll endlessly. If you’re looking for some fresh accounts to follow this year, then we got you. Here’s a list of trending Instagram influencers who have taken the platform by storm with their valuable content that hits right at the sweet spots of their viewers.

SIDDHARTH BATRA (@siddharth93batra)

When it comes to men’s fashion, the first name that pops up in all of our minds is that of Mr Batra. As his Instagram bio rightly puts it, he is indeed a rule-breaker in the fashion space. From donning sarees to stealing his girlfriend’s corsets and earrings, he has no rules when it comes to expressing himself to the fullest. What we love about him the most is his attempt to redefine men’s fashion in the most inclusive way possible, one that is rid of rigid gender norms. Charming, funny, and adorable vibes are what you’ll get if you ever happen to stumble upon his humble abode. Added perks are getting a glimpse of his adorable Grandpa taking part in his funny charades.

SAVI & VID (@bruisedpassports)

This dynamic duo quit their jobs to pursue full-time travel blogging. Having won several awards and delivered numerous Ted talks, this duo is the most wholesome pair you’ll find on the internet today. Head to their website to learn more about where to travel, preferred accommodations there, as well as a guide to what one should pack while travelling. A full package of information, all in one place.

VITAMIN STREE (@vitaminstree)

Behind Vitamin Stree is a strong and independent woman on a mission to educate people on feminism and bust societal myths. She is an elder sister to all the women out there. What we love even more is her team’s attempt to make education easy and fun with colourful illustrations. In their ‘What Would Stree Do’ segment, they let their community ask questions and even provide advice to others, thus creating a wonderful ecosystem of strong and uplifting women. If you want a fun way of learning about topics that are considered taboo, then browse their YouTube channel and I promise you won’t be disappointed.

PRATEEK CHAUHAN (@lensbehindlens)

When it comes to combining photography, art, and fashion, Prateek is second to none. With an eccentric yet palatable dressing sense, he is known to breathe life into fashion. Down to earth with a charming smile, Prateek is your go-to human for all the inspiration you need. Simply looking at his feed is enough to get your creative juices flowing. Having won several awards in 2022, this human is a force to reckon with. What’s more famous than his artistic posts are his illusional story arts. If one could, they would go on about his mastery. Here’s a glimpse of his artwork.

PRABLEEN KAUR BHOMRAH (@prableenkaurbhomrah)

An epitome of skin and body positivity, Prableen has taken over the internet’s heart with her unfiltered self. Instead of selling fake realities, she has time and again proven that beauty is beyond what society portrays. We love her passion and her grit to empower young women about the new definition of being beautiful. If you’d like a dose of confidence and to believe in real skin, real body, and real beauty, head to her social media handle and indulge in her glory.

SHIVESH BHATIA (@shivesh17)

From mouth-watering bake recipes to a heart-warming smile, Shivesh has it all. His recipes are eccentric and easy to follow with accessible ingredients. What’s even better is his step-by-step way of explaining and adding the ingredients. Whenever you’re in the mood for a delicious dessert treat but don’t know where to start, Shivesh is your go-to person. Or if you’d just like some visual hunger, then his feed is your go-to place. Whatever it is, you are bound to come back for more.


Trinetra is a transwoman on a mission to raise awareness about trans rights and educate people about gender as a whole. A tough woman and doctor by profession, Trinetra is an inspiration to many. Her posts have a sense of comfort and safety, while also educating us all about what it’s like to be a transwoman in today’s society. She weaves poetry in her words, that have the power to give us goosebumps while capturing us in their beauty. If you want a break from a long tiring day at work and need some positivity in life, then head to her page and bask in her brilliance.

NIDHI NAGORI (@nidhinagori29)

Currently based in Toronto, Canada, Nidhi has climbed her way up with her relentless hard work and grit. Being a CA, CPA & CISA, she currently educates people about career opportunities online and abroad. She is a big sister guide for whenever you plan to take your education a notch up. To watch short-form videos of her content, head to her Instagram or if you’d like a more nuanced and detailed description, then head to her YouTube channel.


So, these were some of our favourite Instagram influencers who have rightfully created a niche for themselves by guiding millions of minds with their valuable content. Be it showcasing their talent or creating a community full of empathetic and uplifting individuals, they truly have upped their game in the digital world. Make sure you stop by each of their Instagram handles and marvel at their art.


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